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Consulting Opportunities

I enjoy consulting with others about my interests and experience.  I have 20 years experience in coding and running computer simulations of metal forming processes and their underlying metallurgical phenomena, and 10 years of experience in creating Makerspaces and grassroots innovation & entrepreneurship.  Happy to chat by email, on the phone, or over a beer or coffee.  (Preferably beer :-).


Makerspace Projects I Have Helped Consult On


Pioneer Labs Project, Wilmington OH

(Link to teaser video)


City of Worthington; Worthington, OH


John S. and James L. Knight Foundation; Akron, OH


City of Dayton; Dayton, OH


Fabspace; Dayton, OH


Dallas Makerspace; Carrollton, TX


City of Kettering, Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Department; Kettering OH


Generator Makerspace; International Downtown Association; Burlington, VT



On Microstructure Evolution Modeling and Computational Metallurgy


Served as an expert witness for a Fortune 500 company in a 9-figure lawsuit


Worked 9 years as a senior research scientist for Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation, with clients from the Defense Department to MIT to Apple to GM and many more.  



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