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Speaking Opportunities

speak about the Maker Movement, Innovation, Grassroots Entrepreneurship

I'm always excited to speak about the Maker Movement, Grassroots Entrepreneurship, Democratized Innovation and more.  Below is a list of recent or high visibility presentations I've delivered.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you think this brand of mischief would fit well with your organization or event.

Mazda Challengers Conference for Nobel Peace Laureates (Barcelona, Spain; 2015)

(One of three presenters; other two included Prof. Guy Standing and Federico Pistono. 2 minute teaser video here)


Lehigh University Materials Science and Engineering Department 125th Anniversary (Bethlehem, PA; 2015)

(One of four presenters, including Alton D. Romig, Jr, strategic director of Lockheed Skunkworks)


Kauffman Foundation Mayor's Conference on Entrepreneurship, (Louisville, KY; 2014)


Presentation to the Intelligent Cities Forum on behalf of City of Columbus (NY, NY; 2014)

(Note: City of Columbus won this award - link)


National Groundwater Association - Keynote speaker on Innovation (Las Vegas, Nevada, 2014)


Ohio Linux Fest - Keynote speaker on Innovation (Columbus, OH 2014)


Ohio Economic Development Association, 2014


Kern Industry - Keynote speaker on Innovation (Columbus, OH; 2013)


TEDxColumbus 2014 (link)

TEDxBattelle 2013 (no link; Battelle presentations are proprietary)

TEDxColumbus 2011 (link)


Pecha Kucha - Spoke to hundreds of local neighborhood artists and entrepreneurs in Franklinton, 2013  

Pecha Kucha - COSI (Center of Science and Industry) - Spoke to 200 Association of Science and Technical Center members on how to create/operate a hands-on design + creativity center

Pecha Kucha - The Ohio State University Manufacturing Institute, 2012 (spoke to audience of inventors on creativity)

Pecha Kucha - Columbus Museum of Art, 2011 (presented to 1200+ creatives about hands-on empowerment)

Consulting Opportunities

I enjoy consulting with others about my interests and experience.  I have 20 years experience in coding and running computer simulations of metal forming processes and their underlying metallurgical phenomena, and 10 years of experience in creating Makerspaces and grassroots innovation & entrepreneurship.  Happy to chat by email, on the phone, or over a beer or coffee.  (Preferably beer :-).



Makerspace Projects I Have Helped Consult On:


Pioneer Labs Project, Wilmington OH

(Link to teaser video)


City of Worthington; Worthington, OH


John S. and James L. Knight Foundation; Akron, OH


City of Dayton; Dayton, OH


Fabspace; Dayton, OH


Dallas Makerspace; Carrollton, TX


City of Kettering, Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Department; Kettering OH


Generator Makerspace; International Downtown Association; Burlington, VT



Microstructure Evolution Modeling and Computational Metallurgy Consulting:


Worked 9 years as a senior research scientist for Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation, with clients from the Defense Department to MIT to Apple to GM and many more.


Served as a consulting expert for legal testimony

The Idea Foundry in Franklinton
Microstructure Evolution Modeling and Computational Metallurgy Consulting
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