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Alex Bandar

433 West State St

Columbus, OH 43215

Email: alex dot bandar at gmail dot com

Tel: 6 won for ate 9 three 6 oh 5 3

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I'm an engineer, a materials scientist, and an accidental entrepreneur, no longer in that order.  I worked for nearly ten years for a small software company as a "computational metallurgist", during which time I realized that, although I could write computer programs that simulated manufacturing processes, I couldn't actually make anything.  That point was especially driven home when my artist sister (who has some beautiful opinions about art) schooled me in that regard...  As a result, I became very envious of people who could create things with their hands, and I decided to become one of them.  Since dad created a restaurant/nightclub called the Averof (in which I essentially grew up), and mom had a career in teaching (and taught me well!), I figured I'd blend my educational and geeky interests with my experience in the hospitality industry, and see if it was possible to create a new type of business - essentially a machine shop with a maitre d'... a place where people can feel warm and welcome to learn how to use novel equipment to explore new hobbies or businesses.  Thus, I founded the Columbus Idea Foundry, which has primarily occupied me for the last few years.  In a strange sense of family symmetry, my brother now manages an arts space near Boston (called 438 Somerville), which happens to house a hackerspace (p.Irateship), and also happens to be across the street from Artisans Asylum, a spectacular and inspiring makerspace.  It's a small world, and I'm glad to be a part of it! 

Slow jamming the maker movement at Columbus' ComFest 2013
Slow jamming the maker movement at
Columbus' ComFest 2013

Born in Boston, MA

Proud to live & work in smart and open Columbus, OH




2005  Doctor of Philosophy, Mat Sci & Eng

Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA


2002 Masters, Mat Sci & Eng

Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA


1997 B.S., Mat Sci & Eng

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY


1991 Preparatory School

Buckingham Browne & Nichols,

Cambridge, MA





2008 - Current CEO and Founder

Columbus Idea Foundry


2005-2014 Senior Research Scientist

Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation







Grants & Awards


$350k grant in conjunction with Franklinton Development Association, from ArtPlace America (2012)


$84k grant in conjunction with Franklinton Development Association, from Columbus Foundation (2012)


Columbus Foundation, "Most Active Makerspace"


Greater Columbus Arts Council - Emerging Arts Leader


Finalist for TechColumbus (now Rev1 Ventures) CEO of the Year, 2010



In the Media

Guest Editor in 614 Magazine, August 2013

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